Search of hotels

How to find appropriate accommodation?

Years ago the foreign trip was much more difficult because it was not easy to find accommodation in foreign city and even the country with the disposal of the phone book and recommendations of friends was a bit risky. You could not see the conditions that prevail at the hotel and the quality of service also remained the great unknown. While deciding to look for the hotel being already in place many travelers risked a lack of free rooms or high prices per night. Nowadays, all these problems no longer exist and this is due to searches of hotels.


For a start it is worth to mention about Trip Advisor, but it is not a search engine in itself, because when booking of hotels this portal uses other search engines. It is good to know you can instantly know many guest who visited this places which are interesting for us. TripAdvisor is a website with reviews of hotels and restaurants, where in addition you also have the opportunity to plan the attractions nearby shelters. it's ‘real’ portal for booking accommodation. You can find rooms in almost every corner of the world and make a reservation online. You have the opportunity to read the opinion of the people who visited such places and meet overall assessment of the place. The big advantage is the ability to search distance from the city center or any other point that interest us (eg. The airport). Trivago is not only classical search engine, it is a compliance of other offers available on other websites. This means that at the time when you find the interesting hotel by clicking the book will be transferred to a page where it is possible to book a room. another portal where you can make a hotel reservation. Searches are based on previously given criteria. The advantage of using is that while booking a place by the website you can gain points that could be converted into a free night stay.