Restaurants, where you have to look at!

 In 2016 in the Polish restaurant market appear many interesting locals, below we present the ones that deserve special attention.


Senses Restaurant in Krakow

In April in Krakow was opened Senses Restaurant. It is the first in the city of Krakow where you can tasty dishes and consume meals in total darkness. The idea behind this type of restaurant is to discover the taste of dishes all senses except sight. If you do not see what you eat, our other senses become much sharper, which can result in interesting and surprising experience. In menu we will not find traditional dishes. We can choose one of sets such us: Polish cuisine, meat, vegetarian, vegan and Chef. What is included in their composition? You will have to check it on your own and recognize using taste, smell and sometimes touch. Prices are in the range from 99 to 300 zl. Sense Restaurant is on Dominican Street 1.


Genesis in Warsaw

This restaurant is unique, we can not say much about the taste of food because this restaurant I newly open, but it arouses strong emotions, and there's a few reasons:


  1. The futuristic building has been designed specifically for the needs of this restaurant by the architect Przemysław Stopa. It is an expression of the modernist vision of paradise. The building being built on the European Square in Warsaw.

  2. Genesis is a project of senses restaurant, which this year, as the second after Atelier Amaro received a Michelin star.

  3. For the menu is responsible Artur Grajber, who worked for the Bristol Hotel and the Sheraton. It was announced that the chef will create a copyright menu intended for the most demanding guests.