Food Festivals

Tasty traveling


Tourism can be practiced in many different way, some run the footsteps of great people, some historical events, there are also people who like to try exotic dishes. Have you ever wondered of traveling on the trail of festival with food? Perhaps it will be the best idea for traveling for you. Below we present the festivals that are worth to look.



Kraftpremiaren in Sweden


Kraftpremiaren might be translated as ‘Festival of crawdad’. This is a perfect occasion to try traditional Swedish cuisine and at the same time enjoy the specialty that not frequently appear on Polish tables. Festivals are held throughout Sweden from the second Wednesday in August, especially worthy is to visit Malmo, where the form of the festival is the most prominent.



French festival of fruits


If you want to taste the best in the world apricots and strawberries and dishes containing them- definitely you should go to Plougastel in Brittany on June 14. There are organized Strawberry Festival and on 8 July Festival of Apricot in Rivesaltes in the Languedoc. As with French people, you can befit a truly tasty fruit dishes with good quality wine.



Street Food Festival in Germany


This festival takes place over three weeks (specifically three weekends) in German cities. It begins in Cologne 18- April 19, then appears in Dusseldorf 2-3 May and ends in Mainz 16-17 May. At this time in Germany, you can try dishes from all around the world. At the festival there are both professionals and people involved in amateur kitchen. Price of ticket is only € 2.