The tranquillity in Las Gaviotas- Tenerife- property


Las Gaviotas beach is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and recommended beaches on the island of Tenerife. Apart from urban centres and the main tourist centres, when you are on this beach, you feel that you escape the stress of everyday life and simply relax and enjoy the fantastic natural landscape and its clean waters. In the surrounding there are beautiful properties Tenerife for sale, and if you are interested to check the offer we advise to contact directly one of the real estate Tenerife, is one of this agencies in the area, with has experience with supporting those looking for a perfect Tenerife property.


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The beach of Las Gaviotas, in the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is not only a beach, but also an enclave worth visiting. The black sand that seems to have fallen from the slopes will delight the most adventurous. To reach it is necessary to take a detour from the steep road that joins the neighbourhoods of San Andrés and Igueste de San Andrés, where there are also good properties Tenerife available in the market.



Apart from the quiet atmosphere, what attracts many visitors to Las Gaivotas, the beach, is wonderful. Which black sand it is more advisable to visit at low tide to enjoy the beach in its maximum splendour. It is common among visitors the practice of nudism although there are also many people who are in bathing suit and is therefore no problem, on the beach you breathe harmony and respect. You can also take your dog if you want it to run freely and to roll around for a while in the sand. All this tranquillity are accessible just some steps from the Tenerife properties, in the surrounding of Las Gaivotas.