Hotel Wifi - which are the essential items for guests


While talk about quality Wi-Fi network, we must be attentive to the essential items pointed out by customers. Based on these indicators, Hotels are looking for business partners as, who provide advanced and up-to-date software and equipment to increases the possibility of offering uncomplicated, fast and reliable Wifi, providing better service to their customers.



According to Technology Manager Andrew Stacy, the internet has become a hot item in people's lives:


"Nowadays the Internet is the deciding factor in the choice of the hotel by the guest. In a world of extreme connectivity, it is a prime factor, more important than "bed and shower", which are already essential items for the comfort of any guest. So the relevance of the Internet is total. "


Here are some items that will ensure success for guests:


  • State-of-the-art technology equipment;

  • Free service; 

  • Quick access and ease of connection;

  • High-availability Internet;

  • navigation speed ;

  • Secure encryption;

  • Wi-fi available in all apartments and public areas;

  • Connection without interruption;

  • Wide signal coverage;

  • Mobile devices Tablets and Smartphones always connected;



With respect to network investments in this area, many companies have constantly focused on the quality of the internet, since technology changes over time and it is always necessary to update.

According to Richard Marlon, technology manager at a famous hotel chain - "Yesterday's speed no longer satisfies today's guest. Evolving always is key to surprise the guest with each new stay. "