Where go on holiday?

When should you start planning holiday to make it cheaper?

Perhaps December is not the time in which we think about the holidays, but that's what this month is the best month to get cheap holidays on offer First Minute. The next opportunity to travel at lower prices will be only during the holiday season, then you can use the Last Minute- but then you have to decide quickly.


Where to go on holiday?

To be honest, there is no single answer to this question because it all depends on the individual personality preferences. It also depends of the budget and passion to unexpected adventure.

It is worth considering such places:


Cote d'Azur- will be a great place for lovers of beaches and hot water, as well as for those who like to explore the historic sites and stunning scenery. At the Riviera, you can find everything in one place.


Vietnam- why Vietnam and not Japan or Korea? With the simple reason that this place is much cheaper than the two mentioned countries. Wanting to taste the exoticism of Asia and not spend everything that you have consider go to Vietnam.



Bora- Bora- it is one of the most expensive destinations that can be choose. Beauty of the landscape, white sand and the fact that it is a place where there is no huge crowds of tourists. It might be an advantage worth any cost.