Beer Festivals

Many of us thinking about the beer festival associate this with Oktoberfest. In the meantime, not only Germany has such festivals. Also in Poland continuously expands map of beer events. Today we want to take you on a journey through Polish beer festivals, which are presented in chronological order.

The first quarter of the year: XVI International Market Festival of Beer Lovers ‘Pivaria’ in Szczecin. There is possibility to try all sorts of types of beer but also purchase items and products needed for its production. A true paradise for everyone who like beer. 


Second quarter: Warsaw Beer Festival is an event taking place at the stadium of Legia Warsaw, where you can try craft beers from all over Europe. This year the festival has two editions: the April and October. Ticket 10 zł.

Third quarter: Beerfest 2016 in Park Silesia. The event in Chorzow and Katowice (Silesian Park it is difficult to classify). This year at the end of August it was organized for the 16th time. At this event, you can taste both beer brands as well as local manufacturers. Feast beer accompanied by teams of famous Polish stars.


The fourth quarter of the year: It is difficult to choose a beer festival in the fourth quarter of the year, because they are many interesting options. We might decided to go for the festival, which will be held for the first time. From 9-11 December in Krakow will be held Cracow Craft Beer Fest, where you can try craft beers from all over the country. Ticket: 5 zł.